Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mario Sports "Kelly Kapowski" shirt!

Mario was wearing the now "infamous" "Kelly Kapowski" tee yesterday and shared it with us by tweeting this message:

Mario Lopez 
Old school Kelly Kapowski shirt I was sportin today... Beiber and I have similar taste. Love my Tiff

We had a feeling Elizabeth wouldn't really approve of this! Remember this:

And we were right! Somewhere in the BELL universe "Jessie" is calling "Slater" a PIG right now! :) Look what Elizabeth replied with:

Elizabeth Berkley 
Ummm....jessie's NOT ok w/this!!": Old school Kelly Kapowski shirt I was sportin today..."

Thanks for the new memory, Mario and Elizabeth! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All Things BELL on Watch What Happens Live with Tiffani!

Watch the BELL hightlights during the Bravo "Watch What Happens Live" with Tiffani Thiessen, and her WHITE COLLAR co-star Matt Bomer. Matt even does a BAYSIDE cheer!


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