Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mario Imagines Where the Cast Would be 20 years later!

Mario Lopez sat down with CNN's iReporter and imagines where the cast of "Saved by the Bell" would be 20 years later! He also talks about his new show H8r! Loved his ideas about where the gang would be today. (But he forgot that Kelly and Zack got married!) Still, good enough for a reunion movie for me. Get on it Mario! The fans are waiting! What are some of your ideas?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary SBTB!

Happy Anniversary "Saved by the Bell"!

BELL premiered 22 years ago on this day, August 20, 1989! Can you believe it has been that long ago now? And we continue to have a love affair with this show till this day. BELL is more popular than ever!

Did you know? The episode to premiere was "Dancing to the Max", featuring Casey Kasem! BELL premiered during NBC's summer prime time slot at 8:30PM.

Watch a little clip:

In celebration of the show's anniversary, I create this little graphic for fun. But wouldn't it look cute on a t-shirt? I'll see what I can do about that!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I am so excited to share with the fans something that BLEW ME AWAY! I know I said that about the discovery of the long, lost "NBC's Who Shrunk Saturday Morning"! But I don't think I've ever seen something so rare like this! ah! Goosebumps!

I found this video clip by accident. In this clip for "The Insider", the cast members are on the set being interviewed about their characters and we even see them rehearsing their lines for "The Mama's and Papa's" episode! The kids are so cute and innocent, and Dennis Haskins is so proud and enthusiastic about BELL! This is a very, rare, treat from the BELL vaults. Enjoy it fans! Click here to watch it out of the frame below.

TBS Makes Some Changes

As many of you know, TBS has plans to remove BELL from their week day morning lineup beginning on September 26. We had no idea if it would be back from hiatus, knowing that the contract would expire in March 2012. But we were filled in with an update that TBS had changed their fall 2011 schedule by Sitcoms Online.

They write: "Weekends will also change some, with more sitcom airings! The biggest note on weekends is that Saved by the Bell will air Sundays from 6am-8am! It's not leaving the schedule after all now, but it will only be on Sundays now starting Oct. 9. Screech and the gang will lead into two-hours of Friends from 8am-10am and Home Improvement in the 10am hour, before movies air the rest of the day on Sundays."

What do you think about this change? Although, we are relieved they are at least keeping it on for now, fans still want it back to where it belongs....every weekday morning! Check out what fans are saying here.  We still have questions, too. What will happen in March 2012? Will TBS renew? Are they listening to our Facebook campaign?

I guess we'll have to wait and see! Keep telling TBS you want BELL to stay put! Thanks.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WHY BELL WILL NEVER DIE, Entertainment Weekly Feature!

"Saved by the Bell" is featured in this week's Entertainment Weekly! An article focusing on why BELL WILL NEVER DIE! We at SBTB:NOW! know this very well, as our blog is the very foundation of this philosophy! Pick up your copy today! Here is a scan:

"Final Destination 5" Star Spoofs BELL!

Check out the latest BELL parody by "Final Destination 5" star Miles Fisher! Mark-Paul Gosselaar has seen it and has given it his stamp of approval.

To read more about the parody, click here

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tiffani says she is NOT going on DWTS!

There have been rumors and news reports that claim Tiffani Thiessen will star in the new season of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars". And although we know Tiff starred in the pop-culture girl singing group "Hot Sundae" and danced in that epic "GO FOR IT!" video, Tiffani is passing on the glitz and glamour, dancing show. She tweets:

Tiffani Thiessen 
Even though I'm a good dancer... I am NOT going on .

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mark-Paul ENGAGED!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar has found a new love and is getting married to advertising executive Catriona McGinn, PEOPLE has exclusively learned.

Gosselaar, 36, whose divorce from Lisa Ann Russell was finalized in May, proposed recently with a 5 carat cushion-cut diamond ring, custom designed by his friend, jeweler Neil Lane.

"He couldn't wait to propose," Lane tells PEOPLE. "He was so excited to have found the woman of his dreams."

The former star of Saved by the Bell and current star of Franklin & Bash has two children, son Michael, 7, and daughter Ava, 5, from his marriage to Russell.

No wedding date has been set.

Credit: PEOPLE

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BELL Voted Best School TV Show Ever!

Good times at Bayside High!

Saved by the Bell was voted the Best School TV Show of All Time in a Bing survey. While Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, and Screech garnered 35 percent of the vote, the kids at West Beverly High came in a close second. Thirty-one percent of those polled thought the original Beverly Hills, 90210 (which aired from 1990 to 2000) was the best school television show ever.



For the first time in 20 years, Saved by the Bell may not have a regular home on TV.

Starting September 26th, TBS will no longer air Saved by the Bell in the 8am slot. According to Sitcoms Online: "Starting Monday, Sept. 26, we have these changes. Saved by the Bell fans you know you lost the 7am hour to Home Improvement earlier this year, but now the comedy will lose its 8am hour as well, as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will move to the 8am hour. It seems as if the Saved by the Bell contract will be expiring from the network, as it is not on the line-up anymore. We are not 100% sure if the contract is expiring, but we will find out soon. The last time the contract was renewed was in Fall 2006. The series has been on TBS since 1992.
UPDATE: The Saved by the Bell contract is expiring in March 2012, so it will be on hiatus for now."

The news isn’t all that surprising to us at all. If you remember earlier this year we started this campaign when SBTB’s traditional 2 hour morning block was cut short to make way for Home Improvement in the 7am hour. With no slot on the schedule, what will become of the iconic ’90s series? Well TBS’ contract for the syndication rights expires in March of 2012 and, as of now, it doesn’t look like TBS has any plans to renew them, so it is unclear on if we will ever see Bell in a regular time slot again.

Here is how you can help! We have created a campaign on Twitter, but it has not moved onto a better force on Facebook! Suggested to us by Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) himself, you can now "Like" our campaign to Save Saved by the Bell on TBS!  We are hoping the network will listen to the fans and continue to air it weekday mornings. So far, Elizabeth Berkley ("Jessie Spano"), Patrick Muldoon ("Jeff Hunter"), Kiersten Warren ("Alex on the College Years"), Courtney Mazza (Girlfriend to Mario Lopez), and Dennis Haskins ("Mr. B") have ALL supported our campaign on Twitter!

Here are more way you can voice your protest:
On Twitter:
Call: 404-885-0758
Facebook: TBS Very Funny (Like their page first, then post a comment on their wall.)

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SBTB Youtube Interactive Game

A new interactive and FUN SBTB online game has hit YouTube! Mark-Paul recently shared this with fans. It's created by a group called "The Fine Brothers". Check it out!!!!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar 
For every SBTB fan...a must play! 

Zack and Kelly Reunite!

Tiffani and Mark-Paul Reunite! They attended the Kiehl’s LifeRide event on Saturday, August 6, 2011! Zack and Kelly forever! What a treat for fans to see them looking good and happy to see each other! Thanks for the new memory Tiffani and MPG! :)

They even chatted on Twitter about seeing eachother!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar 
I'll be at the flagship from noon-4pm to support    may be there! Thanks to  and all...

Tiffani Thiessen 
    I will be there n very excited 2 c u!

Tiffani Thiessen 
 grt cing my luv! Xo

Mark-Paul Gosselaar 
You're the best! RT   grt cing my luv! Xo

For more pics, click here

Tiffani Stops By Fox and Friends!

Great interview Tiffani Thiessen! Tiffani stopped by Fox and Friends this am and chats about life on the set of sbtb, whitecollar, family and more! Watch

TV Actor Gosselaar Hits the Road for AIDs Research

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is keeping busy while on hiatus from his TNT "Franklin & Bash" dramedy by trekking across the East Coast on a motorcycle ride for charity.

Kiehl's skin care company's six-day LifeRide for amfAR raises money for AIDS research. The former star of "Saved by the Bell" is participating in the last three days of the ride starting Thursday — from Boston to New York City.

For Gosselaar, an avid motorcyclist, the event was a no-brainer.

"Setting a good example for my kids and leading by example is very important to me," said the father of two.

His love of motorcycles started young with his older brother Mike, a well-known motocross mechanic, teaching him to ride at age 3. Mark-Paul was competing in motocross races by the time he was 5.

The actor said in a Tuesday phone interview that he's passed the passion onto his children, Michael Charles, 7, and Ava Lorenn, 5.

"My son was riding by the time he was five," said Gosselaar. "I have pictures of me with him in a BabyBjorn, and I'm on my motorcycle, and that's the way that he would go to sleep. I'd ride around on my property at five miles an hour, but it was the noise and the wind that would put him to sleep."

Gosselaar is best-known for playing the precocious, bleach blond high schooler Zack Morris in the teen comedy "Saved by the Bell." It aired from 1989 to 1993. Fans continue to tell him how much they miss the show.

"I think what they're really trying to say is 'I miss the days where, the innocence of the days where you were watching it.' But not the show, because it's still on. It's on every channel, every morning and it's been on for the past 15 years ... How could you possibly miss it?" Gosselaar said.

He said even his kids watch "Saved By the Bell."

But the 37-year-old insists a reunion special isn't likely.

"I've always thought that it would come off as a bit too corny, and I don't want to put that sort of color onto 'Saved By the Bell.' I mean it's great for what it was," he said.

Gosselaar's offbeat legal comedy "Franklin & Bash" was recently picked up for a second season on TNT. Breckin Meyer co-stars in the series about a pair of ambulance-chasing attorneys who will do anything for their clients.


Mark-Paul on Lopez Tonight!

Watch Mark-Paul chat to George Lopez about BELL, his family, Franklin and Bash and more! Hilarious!


Congrats Mark-Paul!! FRANKLIN AND BASH has been renewed for a second season! Great job fans! so exciting!


Slater and Lisa Reunite!

Lisa and Slater reunite! Mario ran into Lark and tweeted this picture saying : "Been a SBTB kinda week! Ran into Lark Voorhies( Lisa Turtle) last night. Always nice to see her..."


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