Monday, June 11, 2012

Gosselaar Explains 'Saved By The Bell' Diss

(CNN) -Nobody disses Zack Morris and gets away with it - not even Zack Morris, apparently. Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar - who played the charming but mischievous Morris in the popular '80s and '90s sitcom "Saved By the Bell" - has had to explain some not-so-flattering comments he reportedly made about the show that made him famous.

 Last week, quoted Gosselaar as saying the iconic series was "not a great show," calling the writing "cheesy." Not surprisingly, diehard "SBTB" fans didn't appreciate his remarks. But TMZ reports that the actor now says that the quote in question was "taken out of context," even though he does admit to calling the comedy a little corny. Still, Gosselaar swears it was not a diss. "That's why people like it!" he said Thursday. "I wasn't saying it was a bad show, just that the writing reflected '80s cheesiness."

The "Franklin & Bash" star added that he's "proud of that show, and [has] no problem talking about it."

Mark-Paul even went to Twitter to defend himself:

., Interviews+out of context=sucks! I referred to the writing of SBTB "not being great". Nothing but respect for SBTB. Fallon is proof.

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  1. I thought it was a very well written and insightful show!

    It really showed the youth problems of caffeine pills, prank wars and rigged student elections.

    Also, it showed very realistic high school experiences like when the principal puts the most troubled kid in charge of the yearbook, buying class rings and the school store.

    So yes Marc Paul is totally out of line for calling this cinematic masterpiece corny!

    1. I couldnt of said it better myself!!!!

      It was as very ingenious,adventurous,special time in the show, which didnt lose the inosence. The getting away with things that brought life to our lives and still does....

      A New Saved By the Bell movie??????
      That would

  2. I know when I was in high school I often resolved conflict by FREEZING TIME.



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