Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mario Imagines Where the Cast Would be 20 years later!

Mario Lopez sat down with CNN's iReporter and imagines where the cast of "Saved by the Bell" would be 20 years later! He also talks about his new show H8r! Loved his ideas about where the gang would be today. (But he forgot that Kelly and Zack got married!) Still, good enough for a reunion movie for me. Get on it Mario! The fans are waiting! What are some of your ideas?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary SBTB!

Happy Anniversary "Saved by the Bell"!

BELL premiered 22 years ago on this day, August 20, 1989! Can you believe it has been that long ago now? And we continue to have a love affair with this show till this day. BELL is more popular than ever!

Did you know? The episode to premiere was "Dancing to the Max", featuring Casey Kasem! BELL premiered during NBC's summer prime time slot at 8:30PM.

Watch a little clip:

In celebration of the show's anniversary, I create this little graphic for fun. But wouldn't it look cute on a t-shirt? I'll see what I can do about that!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I am so excited to share with the fans something that BLEW ME AWAY! I know I said that about the discovery of the long, lost "NBC's Who Shrunk Saturday Morning"! But I don't think I've ever seen something so rare like this! ah! Goosebumps!

I found this video clip by accident. In this clip for "The Insider", the cast members are on the set being interviewed about their characters and we even see them rehearsing their lines for "The Mama's and Papa's" episode! The kids are so cute and innocent, and Dennis Haskins is so proud and enthusiastic about BELL! This is a very, rare, treat from the BELL vaults. Enjoy it fans! Click here to watch it out of the frame below.

TBS Makes Some Changes

As many of you know, TBS has plans to remove BELL from their week day morning lineup beginning on September 26. We had no idea if it would be back from hiatus, knowing that the contract would expire in March 2012. But we were filled in with an update that TBS had changed their fall 2011 schedule by Sitcoms Online.

They write: "Weekends will also change some, with more sitcom airings! The biggest note on weekends is that Saved by the Bell will air Sundays from 6am-8am! It's not leaving the schedule after all now, but it will only be on Sundays now starting Oct. 9. Screech and the gang will lead into two-hours of Friends from 8am-10am and Home Improvement in the 10am hour, before movies air the rest of the day on Sundays."

What do you think about this change? Although, we are relieved they are at least keeping it on for now, fans still want it back to where it belongs....every weekday morning! Check out what fans are saying here.  We still have questions, too. What will happen in March 2012? Will TBS renew? Are they listening to our Facebook campaign?

I guess we'll have to wait and see! Keep telling TBS you want BELL to stay put! Thanks.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WHY BELL WILL NEVER DIE, Entertainment Weekly Feature!

"Saved by the Bell" is featured in this week's Entertainment Weekly! An article focusing on why BELL WILL NEVER DIE! We at SBTB:NOW! know this very well, as our blog is the very foundation of this philosophy! Pick up your copy today! Here is a scan:

"Final Destination 5" Star Spoofs BELL!

Check out the latest BELL parody by "Final Destination 5" star Miles Fisher! Mark-Paul Gosselaar has seen it and has given it his stamp of approval.

To read more about the parody, click here

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tiffani says she is NOT going on DWTS!

There have been rumors and news reports that claim Tiffani Thiessen will star in the new season of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars". And although we know Tiff starred in the pop-culture girl singing group "Hot Sundae" and danced in that epic "GO FOR IT!" video, Tiffani is passing on the glitz and glamour, dancing show. She tweets:

Tiffani Thiessen 
Even though I'm a good dancer... I am NOT going on .

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mark-Paul ENGAGED!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar has found a new love and is getting married to advertising executive Catriona McGinn, PEOPLE has exclusively learned.

Gosselaar, 36, whose divorce from Lisa Ann Russell was finalized in May, proposed recently with a 5 carat cushion-cut diamond ring, custom designed by his friend, jeweler Neil Lane.

"He couldn't wait to propose," Lane tells PEOPLE. "He was so excited to have found the woman of his dreams."

The former star of Saved by the Bell and current star of Franklin & Bash has two children, son Michael, 7, and daughter Ava, 5, from his marriage to Russell.

No wedding date has been set.

Credit: PEOPLE

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BELL Voted Best School TV Show Ever!

Good times at Bayside High!

Saved by the Bell was voted the Best School TV Show of All Time in a Bing survey. While Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, and Screech garnered 35 percent of the vote, the kids at West Beverly High came in a close second. Thirty-one percent of those polled thought the original Beverly Hills, 90210 (which aired from 1990 to 2000) was the best school television show ever.



For the first time in 20 years, Saved by the Bell may not have a regular home on TV.

Starting September 26th, TBS will no longer air Saved by the Bell in the 8am slot. According to Sitcoms Online: "Starting Monday, Sept. 26, we have these changes. Saved by the Bell fans you know you lost the 7am hour to Home Improvement earlier this year, but now the comedy will lose its 8am hour as well, as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will move to the 8am hour. It seems as if the Saved by the Bell contract will be expiring from the network, as it is not on the line-up anymore. We are not 100% sure if the contract is expiring, but we will find out soon. The last time the contract was renewed was in Fall 2006. The series has been on TBS since 1992.
UPDATE: The Saved by the Bell contract is expiring in March 2012, so it will be on hiatus for now."

The news isn’t all that surprising to us at all. If you remember earlier this year we started this campaign when SBTB’s traditional 2 hour morning block was cut short to make way for Home Improvement in the 7am hour. With no slot on the schedule, what will become of the iconic ’90s series? Well TBS’ contract for the syndication rights expires in March of 2012 and, as of now, it doesn’t look like TBS has any plans to renew them, so it is unclear on if we will ever see Bell in a regular time slot again.

Here is how you can help! We have created a campaign on Twitter, but it has not moved onto a better force on Facebook! Suggested to us by Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) himself, you can now "Like" our campaign to Save Saved by the Bell on TBS!  We are hoping the network will listen to the fans and continue to air it weekday mornings. So far, Elizabeth Berkley ("Jessie Spano"), Patrick Muldoon ("Jeff Hunter"), Kiersten Warren ("Alex on the College Years"), Courtney Mazza (Girlfriend to Mario Lopez), and Dennis Haskins ("Mr. B") have ALL supported our campaign on Twitter!

Here are more way you can voice your protest:
On Twitter:
Call: 404-885-0758
Facebook: TBS Very Funny (Like their page first, then post a comment on their wall.)

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SBTB Youtube Interactive Game

A new interactive and FUN SBTB online game has hit YouTube! Mark-Paul recently shared this with fans. It's created by a group called "The Fine Brothers". Check it out!!!!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar 
For every SBTB fan...a must play! 

Zack and Kelly Reunite!

Tiffani and Mark-Paul Reunite! They attended the Kiehl’s LifeRide event on Saturday, August 6, 2011! Zack and Kelly forever! What a treat for fans to see them looking good and happy to see each other! Thanks for the new memory Tiffani and MPG! :)

They even chatted on Twitter about seeing eachother!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar 
I'll be at the flagship from noon-4pm to support    may be there! Thanks to  and all...

Tiffani Thiessen 
    I will be there n very excited 2 c u!

Tiffani Thiessen 
 grt cing my luv! Xo

Mark-Paul Gosselaar 
You're the best! RT   grt cing my luv! Xo

For more pics, click here

Tiffani Stops By Fox and Friends!

Great interview Tiffani Thiessen! Tiffani stopped by Fox and Friends this am and chats about life on the set of sbtb, whitecollar, family and more! Watch

TV Actor Gosselaar Hits the Road for AIDs Research

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is keeping busy while on hiatus from his TNT "Franklin & Bash" dramedy by trekking across the East Coast on a motorcycle ride for charity.

Kiehl's skin care company's six-day LifeRide for amfAR raises money for AIDS research. The former star of "Saved by the Bell" is participating in the last three days of the ride starting Thursday — from Boston to New York City.

For Gosselaar, an avid motorcyclist, the event was a no-brainer.

"Setting a good example for my kids and leading by example is very important to me," said the father of two.

His love of motorcycles started young with his older brother Mike, a well-known motocross mechanic, teaching him to ride at age 3. Mark-Paul was competing in motocross races by the time he was 5.

The actor said in a Tuesday phone interview that he's passed the passion onto his children, Michael Charles, 7, and Ava Lorenn, 5.

"My son was riding by the time he was five," said Gosselaar. "I have pictures of me with him in a BabyBjorn, and I'm on my motorcycle, and that's the way that he would go to sleep. I'd ride around on my property at five miles an hour, but it was the noise and the wind that would put him to sleep."

Gosselaar is best-known for playing the precocious, bleach blond high schooler Zack Morris in the teen comedy "Saved by the Bell." It aired from 1989 to 1993. Fans continue to tell him how much they miss the show.

"I think what they're really trying to say is 'I miss the days where, the innocence of the days where you were watching it.' But not the show, because it's still on. It's on every channel, every morning and it's been on for the past 15 years ... How could you possibly miss it?" Gosselaar said.

He said even his kids watch "Saved By the Bell."

But the 37-year-old insists a reunion special isn't likely.

"I've always thought that it would come off as a bit too corny, and I don't want to put that sort of color onto 'Saved By the Bell.' I mean it's great for what it was," he said.

Gosselaar's offbeat legal comedy "Franklin & Bash" was recently picked up for a second season on TNT. Breckin Meyer co-stars in the series about a pair of ambulance-chasing attorneys who will do anything for their clients.


Mark-Paul on Lopez Tonight!

Watch Mark-Paul chat to George Lopez about BELL, his family, Franklin and Bash and more! Hilarious!


Congrats Mark-Paul!! FRANKLIN AND BASH has been renewed for a second season! Great job fans! so exciting!


Slater and Lisa Reunite!

Lisa and Slater reunite! Mario ran into Lark and tweeted this picture saying : "Been a SBTB kinda week! Ran into Lark Voorhies( Lisa Turtle) last night. Always nice to see her..."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mario Sports "Kelly Kapowski" shirt!

Mario was wearing the now "infamous" "Kelly Kapowski" tee yesterday and shared it with us by tweeting this message:

Mario Lopez 
Old school Kelly Kapowski shirt I was sportin today... Beiber and I have similar taste. Love my Tiff

We had a feeling Elizabeth wouldn't really approve of this! Remember this:

And we were right! Somewhere in the BELL universe "Jessie" is calling "Slater" a PIG right now! :) Look what Elizabeth replied with:

Elizabeth Berkley 
Ummm....jessie's NOT ok w/this!!": Old school Kelly Kapowski shirt I was sportin today..."

Thanks for the new memory, Mario and Elizabeth! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All Things BELL on Watch What Happens Live with Tiffani!

Watch the BELL hightlights during the Bravo "Watch What Happens Live" with Tiffani Thiessen, and her WHITE COLLAR co-star Matt Bomer. Matt even does a BAYSIDE cheer!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mark-Paul on Conan!

Watch MPG talk Franklin and Bash, Saved by the Bell and more! Hilarious!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tiffani + Bieber = T-shirt Buddies!

During Sunday night’s MuchMusic Video Awards, Justin Bieber showed his love for Tiffani Thiessen as he donned a t-shirt featuring a colourful ’90s-era portrait of the actress during her Saved by the Bell days.

On Thursday (June 23), Tiffani paid back the compliment as she rocked a t-shirt with the teen heartthrob’s name face emblazoned on it as she attended the screening of Horrible Bosses at Sunshine Landmark in New York City.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, Tiffani is the latest celeb to come down with a serious case of Bieber Fever.

For her part, Tiffani got a kick when she saw Justin wearing a shirt with her alter ego Kelly Kapowski on it. She took to her Twitter account to write: “Ha, tnx for the love @JustinBieber.”

If you want to get your very own Kelly t-shirt, head on over to Urban Outfitter’s website HERE. They have it for sale at the low low price of $24.00!

For more pictures, click here

Credit: Faded Youth Blog

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kelly and Stacey Reunite on The Talk!

It's a mini "Saved by the Bell" reunion when Tiffani Thiessen and Leah Remini reminisce about working together on The Talk. Kelly Kapowski and Stacey Carosi! Enjoy!

Tiffani Talks White Collar, Family and BELL!

View more videos at:

Tiffani talks "White Collar", Harper, and "Saved by the Bell"! Watch

Monday, June 20, 2011

Justin Bieber Crushes on Kelly Kapowski!

"Kelly Kapowski" made it to the MuchMusic Video Awards yesterday on a t-shirt worn by current, teen, WORLDWIDE superstar, Justin Bieber! What a way to display love for BELL on a worldwide platform TODAY! Thanks Justin for representing BAYIDE HIGH! Tiffani Thiessen thanked Justin via Facebook/Twitter for the love.

Tiffani writes:

Elizabeth Berkley later tweeted:
Hi ! cant wait to c u in a t-shirt next time;-) Want me to send you one? xoxo#sbtb

If you are interested in the shirt, it's available at Urban Outfitters,

What do you think about Justin showing his love for Kelly Kapowski? :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Long, lost NBC's Who Shrunk Saturday Morning, with the SBTB cast!

I am sharing with you something so rare, that it practically has become a blur in the minds of many fans! This is something SBTB:NOW! fans have discussed and wondered about on our forum for as long as I could remember! It's almost like a long, lost episode. I got chills watching it! I think you will, too! And WE ARE THE FIRST to share it you! I am so excited!!!! (a'la Jessie Spano!)

Below you will find a very special treat that has surfaced on YouTube. You will even learn the fictional story of how SAVED BY THE BELL got it's name! This is a special NBC aired to introduce the brand new Saturday morning lineup in 1989. "NBC's Who Shrunk Saturday Morning" featured the cast of BELL sharing with us the new shows that included, Alf Tales, Karate Kid Cartoon, The Smurfs, Camp Candy, Captain and the Game Master, The Chipmunks, and Saved by the Bell. Appearances by John Candy, Marcia Warfield, John Moschitta (who later played Mr. Testaverde on BELL), and Sherman Hemsley. This only aired one time on September 13, 1989.

ENJOY!!! And thank you to Ashley, via Twitter, (@saintjolee), who brought it to my attention. :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stacey Carosi and Zack Reunite! Mark-Paul Visits The Talk and Chats BELL with Leah Remini.

Mark-Paul visited CBS' The Talk on Friday and reminisced with Leah Remini about "Saved by the Bell", his new show "Franklin and Bash" and "Sexting". Watch the video above. For a longer clip, go here. Enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

And the winner is.....

And the lucky winner of the "Saved by the Bell" Datebook by Beth Cruise is........

Candice Allen (Twitter Handle @Candice619)!

Congrats Candice! Please redeem your prize by emailing me at! A special thanks to Mr. Fernandez (@SBTB_Daily) for "paying it forward"!

I know we haven't reached 1000 fans on Facebook, but we did hit the mark on Twitter. I wanted to be nice and go ahead and give it away anyways because it's been over 2 months now since the contest began.

Stay tuned for more give-aways very soon fans! Thank you for supporting SBTB:NOW!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mark-Paul and Mario Reunite!

This mini reunion with Mark-Paul and Mario on EXTRA came full circle for ME! (Well, kind of! ha!) My question to the guys (via Twitter) was picked and asked by Mario! I still can't believe it! If you watched it when it aired on Friday, take a look at the full interview online below. My question wasn't answered on air, but during the full edit online. I am still giddy and shocked! :) -Erika

Zack and AC: A 'Saved by the Bell' Reunion at The Grove
May 27, 2011

"Extra's" Mario Lopez reunited with his old "Saved by the Bell" castmate Mark Paul Gosselaar at The Grove -- and answered some fan questions!

It's been 17 years since Lopez and Gosselaar starred as AC Slater and Zack Morris on "Saved by the Bell." Were there any serious romances behind the scenes? "I don't know if there were romances," laughed Gosselaar. Lopez added, "Yeah, romance is a strong word." Gosselaar said it was more "Giggly, fun." Lopez continued, "Fun's a good word. We'll go with fun!"

Gosselaar will be starring in the upcoming TNT show "Franklin and Bash" with Breckin Meyer, playing a smooth-talking lawyer. "My guy is a bit more slick in court, connects with jury better, off the cuff more in court."

"Franklin and Bash" premieres June 1 at 9:00 PM on TNT.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

SBTB:NOW! Exclusive: Lucky BELL Fan Writes About Meeting MPG and Tiffani 20 Years Ago!

We have a special blog post today! Irene, a BELL fan from the original days, has written to share with a fond memory from her childhood when she got the chance to meet Mark-Paul and Tiffani in France! Irene, I can totally relate to your fondness of the show. I am almost 30 years old and BELL still holds a special place in my heart. I just can't seem to give up this little fansite I started 10 years ago! Enjoy everyone.... -Erika

Irene writes:

It was 20 years ago. I got a call one day after school telling me that I had won a television contest and would get to have dinner with my idols, Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Some screaming and jumping up and down followed before my mother eventually calmed me down and celebrated with me.

My passion for Zack Morris started with the show “Good Morning Miss Bliss”, and soon my days were all revolving around “Saved By The Bell”. My friends and I would all rush home after school to watch a new episode and talk about it first thing in the morning the next day. I don’t think people know how popular SBTB was in France at that time, and that Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen and the rest of the cast were featured in teen magazines every week.

It was 20 years ago. We were six lucky kids waiting in a private dining room at the Hard Rock CafĂ© in Paris, magazines, pens and disposable cameras at hand, our hearts pounding and yes, some of us sweating excessively. And then they appeared. Of course it was surreal and my feet didn’t touch ground for two hours. Few of us spoke English so the conversations were short and awkward at times. But Tiffani and Mark-Paul, who had brought along his equally kind and beautiful mother, were very generous with us all.

I’m 34 years old now. I’ve watched all the episodes of SBTB, still remember some of them more vividly than I would like to admit as well as the lyrics of the song “Friends Forever”. It was 20 years ago. And it is still one of my fondest memories ever.

Monday, May 23, 2011

BELL REUNION: Mark-Paul Visits Mario on the EXTRA set!

Zack and Slater reunite! Mark-Paul Gosselaar paid a visit to his old pal Mario Lopez on the EXTRA set today to promote his new show "Franklin and Bash" on TNT, which premieres on June 1! Here's our first look into the reunion! Stay tuned for more info about when it will air this week!


Eizabeth writes:

"Ok..seriously was on the treadmill and flipping thru stations -look what i saw! xoxo"


A SBTB:NOW! Fan Meets Elizabeth!

We have another SBTB:NOW! member who had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth Berkley during her book tour for "Ask Elizabeth"! Elizabeth made a stop at her home state Michigan on March 30. Renee, a native of Elizabeth's hometown Farmington Hills, made it to her book signing and is kind enough to share her experience with us! enjoy!

Renee writes:

"Meeting Elizabeth Berkley was an amazing experience and a childhood dream come true! When she first walked in she said hi to her family all waiting there to see her (this is the town she grew up in which is the same as mine). She announced that she just found out her book was #4 on the NY Times best seller list! It was so cool to be there with her right when she, like the rest of us, just found out! Then she made a little speech talking about the book and how great it was to be back in her home town sharing this with us. She said it was such a full circle moment. After she talked for a bit she took a few questions from the audience. When she was done she starting signing books. When it was my turn I mentioned I had written her on FB a few months ago about coming here on her book tour and she said omg that was you? with a big smile on her face! I was so touched she remember who I was. She told me to write her a note on FB saying who I was and that I was there. :) We talked for a bit. I brought one of my sbtb books for her to sign(it has her on the cover) she said how cool it was to see that since she hadn't seen it in such a long time! She even flipped through it a bit. She signed both books for me and let me take a picture with her and even asked if it came out well. All in all it was an awesome experience and I am an even bigger fan of hers than I was before. She really is beautiful inside and out! She is making her home town proud! The book is great too. Wish I had had it when I was a teen. Still very useful though even if you are a bit older. :)"

Thank you Renee! We are so happy you had this great chance to meet Elizabeth!

Monday, May 2, 2011


TBS is now only showing Saved by the Bell for one hour weekday mornings, rather than their traditional 2 hour block they've had for years, and years! We must get our BELL block of 4 episodes back in the mornings (7-9am)! Here is how we can pull together and make a difference

Please write or call to..... and ask them to bring it back!!!

On Twitter: @tbsveryfunny
Call: 404-885-0758

Do it now! SBTB:NOW! fans have pulled through before in other instances (ie. Lions Gate changing the DVD cover for season 5) and made a difference. Please, please, help to bring back 4 episodes daily!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lark Sighting!

Rare treat! Lark Voorhies spotted walking her dog on the beach recently! I don't usually like to share paparazzi photos, but I had to make an exception because Lark is so hard to learn about! She has a music album being released soon. Stay tuned as more info becomes available! Also, Lark is reuniting with Dustin to film an indie film called Little Creeps! Click here to read more. Enjoy! We love you, Lark!
For more pictures, click here

Perez Hilton Chats with Elizabeth!

Perez Hilton chats with Elizabeth! They talk about Ask Elizabeth, BELL, and more! Super fun interview! Watch!

BELL FlASHBACK: MPG and Tiffani Having Fun Hawaiian Style!

BELL Flashback: Mark-Paul and Tiffani having fun on the set of Hawaiian Style in 1992!

For more things "Hawaiian Style", click here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Elizabeth on Chelsea Lately!

Watch Elizabeth make an appearance on Chelsea Lately last night on E! She talks Ask Elizabeth, Saved by the Bell, and shares a funny story about being approached by her childhood bully recently!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Elizabeth Finds Redemption

Elizabeth Berkley expected her 1995 box-office flop Showgirls to transform her from Saved By The Bell actress into a major movie star. But when that didn’t turn out exactly as planned, it gave her the opportunity to take a different path that led her to become a best-selling author and motivational speaker.

The married actress, 38, gets real about dealing with life’s ups and downs, and offers tips about how to move forward effectively.

Although Showgirls has secured a place in history as a cult favorite, the NC-17 drama bombed in the theaters. How did she cope?

“Honestly, it was definitely a time that was difficult, but everybody goes through difficult times,” she tells me during her Ask Elizabeth book signing held this week at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC. “Mine happened to be in public, so it was even harder. Most of us, when we go through stuff, we can hide in our bedroom and no one knows about it, so I definitely had to walk through a bit more difficulty because it was public, but it made me so strong.”

She adds, “The greatest gift I got from that at such a young age was self-awareness, and true self-worth. Almost like having self-esteem and faith in myself tested in a big way, but for me, it was a choice. I could go down one road or another, and for me, I went down the more empowered road. I’m grateful it gave me the strength I have, that kind of authority in myself to know that I can handle anything.”

As women, we place great pressure on ourselves throughout our lives to get – and keep – the right guy, have the perfect family, the amazing career, and all kinds of material things. But bumps happen, and can derail our intentions.

What does she tell others about managing the expectations of their lives?

“Expectations can usually cause a lot of suffering, and can also block something amazing that wants to come through, if you’re attached to that one way,” she says. “For me, I love my acting, and I will continue working and all, but who knew that this wonderful surprise of [motivational series] Ask Elizabeth was another aspect of my life? It’s important to remain open to the adventures that life brings along your path. While it’s great to be goal-oriented and focused – I have that drive and focus – it’s also important to be flexible enough to be open to something maybe even greater than you imagined.”

For Elizabeth, what’s greater than she imagined is Ask Elizabeth, which is a program she began in 2006 to help teen girls with their self-esteem. The book of the same name is out now.

“My proudest moment might be right now,” she says, on a break between signing books as her doting husband, Greg Lauren (nephew of designer Ralph), entertains guests. “Seeing girls that I’ve worked with for almost five years walk through this line with a self-assuredness and a pride. I’m proud of them for being published. I’m proud of them being part of a book that is reaching and helping girls they may never meet in their lives. Especially because Ask Elizabeth started in New York, so I’ve seen girls from eighth grade now who are freshmen in college. That’s a prideful moment for me. To see them hold the book, they’ve been such a big part of it.”

She continues, “I’m also moved by the fact that the book made the best-seller list. It’s #4 on the best-seller list. What moves me about that is the over 30,000 girls I’ve worked with, know what the work can do. I’m grateful it’s going to be able to reach every girl that needs it now.”

Not only is Elizabeth making waves in the book world, but MTV has shot a documentary based on the journey of Ask Elizabeth about how the program has helped a specific girl.

What’s the most common issue young women face nowadays?

“The book explores fifteen of the most-asked questions from my workshop,” she says. “I’ve facilitated my workshops for five years now, for over 30,000 girls across the country – soon to be 40,000 – doing 1,000-girl Town Halls in ten cities. Macy’s is sponsoring my tour, and they’re gifting the book. But from those workshops, there is this collective group of questions that get asked over and over, so I boiled it down to the fifteen most-asked, and that’s what’s in the book. The themes address body image, goal-setting, family, identity, friendship issues…the emotional life of a teen girl. We’ve all been there. And we still go through some of that stuff. There’s an adolescent girl, still, in all of us … wouldn’t you say?”

And at 38, that adolescent girl inside Elizabeth would be attending her 20th high school reunion.

While Elizabeth is pleased with her present, she reflects fondly on her past that includes the 1989-1993 teen sitcom Saved By The Bell, which also starred Mario Lopez, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Dustin Diamond.

“It’s sweet,” she says of her relationship with her Saved By The Bell cast mates, minus Dustin, whom she hasn’t seen in a long time. “It has a sweetness like people you went to high school with that you were so close with. We have a bond forever. We became famous together, we had our first, big, professional job together, we were 15,16, 17 … those years of our life. It’s something that connects us forever, and I still keep in touch with Mario, Mark-Paul and Tiffani. We are in each other’s lives as much as we can. We’re all, luckily, working so much, so it’s nice that we all transitioned into working adults, which is rare.”

She continues, “We were blessed with that. We also all had good parents who were very present for us, so that’s a big thing.”

Their fame was nothing compared to what stars face today.

“The Internet and the exposure is something different,” she admits. “Saved By The Bell was such an innocent time. We didn’t have paparazzi, we didn’t have the Web and gossip. We were insular. It was a safe, protected time. It wasn’t as difficult as it is now for young stars.”

Credit: OK Magazine


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