Monday, May 23, 2011

A SBTB:NOW! Fan Meets Elizabeth!

We have another SBTB:NOW! member who had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth Berkley during her book tour for "Ask Elizabeth"! Elizabeth made a stop at her home state Michigan on March 30. Renee, a native of Elizabeth's hometown Farmington Hills, made it to her book signing and is kind enough to share her experience with us! enjoy!

Renee writes:

"Meeting Elizabeth Berkley was an amazing experience and a childhood dream come true! When she first walked in she said hi to her family all waiting there to see her (this is the town she grew up in which is the same as mine). She announced that she just found out her book was #4 on the NY Times best seller list! It was so cool to be there with her right when she, like the rest of us, just found out! Then she made a little speech talking about the book and how great it was to be back in her home town sharing this with us. She said it was such a full circle moment. After she talked for a bit she took a few questions from the audience. When she was done she starting signing books. When it was my turn I mentioned I had written her on FB a few months ago about coming here on her book tour and she said omg that was you? with a big smile on her face! I was so touched she remember who I was. She told me to write her a note on FB saying who I was and that I was there. :) We talked for a bit. I brought one of my sbtb books for her to sign(it has her on the cover) she said how cool it was to see that since she hadn't seen it in such a long time! She even flipped through it a bit. She signed both books for me and let me take a picture with her and even asked if it came out well. All in all it was an awesome experience and I am an even bigger fan of hers than I was before. She really is beautiful inside and out! She is making her home town proud! The book is great too. Wish I had had it when I was a teen. Still very useful though even if you are a bit older. :)"

Thank you Renee! We are so happy you had this great chance to meet Elizabeth!

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