In 2009, Saved by the Bell celebrated it's 20th anniversary!

A lot of exciting things happened and many new BELL memories were created. First, most of the gang got together for People Magazine cover shoot!

(*Contrary to the idea that People "stole" the idea for a reunion from Jimmy Fallon): The cast was contacted by People to do a reunion special a long time before Jimmy Fallon did. It just took a while to get all of the cast together and release the magazine.)*

Then, Jimmy Fallon and his late night show tried to get his very own reunion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Although, the actual reunion didn't happen, Mario, Mark-Paul, Lark , Elizabeth, and Dennis somehow appeared onto to show to agree to a reunion. Tiffani was one of the last ones to confirm, and made a funny video on "Funny or Die" to decline her appearance for his reunion. It was done and influenced by the so many rumors and critics bashing her by saying "she didn't have time to a little reunion show". Her true fans believed she would have regardless.

Dustin never agreed to a reunion, instead he selfishly celebrated the anniversary by coming out with "his version" of an "E! True Hollywood" story type book of what he experienced behind the scenes of the show. It is extremely outlandish, and obscene and offensive. Fans feel Diamond was desperate for money and just wanted to sell books.

 Unfortunately, the reunion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon didn't happen. No reasons were given, but most fans feel it was Diamond who caused tension with his cast mates because of his book filled with embellished lies and the reunion ceased to ever happen. Mark-Paul has said in interviews that he felt the show writers didn't really have a solid idea of the kind of reunion the fans deserved. And the timing was not good for all the actors.

There isn't any kind of reunion in the works currently. Anything you hear is just a rumor. The cast members always say they'd like to reunite. But the time is yet to be determined. Hopefully one day it will happen.

Nevertheless, Mark-Paul, Mario, Lark, Tiffani, Elizabeth and Dennis didn't let the true fans down! They surely did what they could to relive the show for us and we are eternally grateful for the new BELL memories they created!

Below you will find all of the different ways the show celebrated it's 20th anniversary! Enjoy.
*Unfortunately, the most video clips on Jimmy Fallon were taken down, but as soon as they re-appear somewhere, I will post them!*

Click on the People Magazine cover to view the article inside!

People Magazine Shoot Photo Gallery

Behind the Scenes of the People Magazine Shoot

Tiffani Thiessen's "Funny or Die" Tiffani Thiessen is Busy

SBTB:NOW! Fans With Their Copies of the Reunion Magazine

"Zack Morris" Returns on Jimmy Fallon Video

Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) 2009 : Late Night w/ Jimmy
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"Zack Morris" Returns on Jimmy Fallon Images

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as "Zack Morris" Behind the Scenes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Mario Lopez Appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


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