Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tiffani + Bieber = T-shirt Buddies!

During Sunday night’s MuchMusic Video Awards, Justin Bieber showed his love for Tiffani Thiessen as he donned a t-shirt featuring a colourful ’90s-era portrait of the actress during her Saved by the Bell days.

On Thursday (June 23), Tiffani paid back the compliment as she rocked a t-shirt with the teen heartthrob’s name face emblazoned on it as she attended the screening of Horrible Bosses at Sunshine Landmark in New York City.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, Tiffani is the latest celeb to come down with a serious case of Bieber Fever.

For her part, Tiffani got a kick when she saw Justin wearing a shirt with her alter ego Kelly Kapowski on it. She took to her Twitter account to write: “Ha, tnx for the love @JustinBieber.”

If you want to get your very own Kelly t-shirt, head on over to Urban Outfitter’s website HERE. They have it for sale at the low low price of $24.00!

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Credit: Faded Youth Blog

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