Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SBTB:NOW! Exclusive: More Info About a "Lisa and Screech" Reunion in "Little Creeps"!

We were able to get in contact with the film makers, Lyon Productions, who are getting ready to begin shooting the new comedy/horror flick "Little Creeps", which has casted Lark Voorhies and Dustin Diamond. We asked about their roles in the movie and were even told that they are interested in casting one more BELLER in the film. They don't know who, just yet, but will let us know if it happens. Our thanks goes out to Brad at Lyon Productions for graciously answered my questions!

"Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies are both outstanding talents I'm looking forward to working with. I've had the pleasure of doing so with Dustin Diamond before as he played a supporting role in Minor League: A Football Story, a film I wrote and Executive Produced some time ago. I also played a role in that project and was in a scene opposite Dustin. He is an exceptional talent, and though I'm sure some of your "less informed" readers may want to argue this point, but he is honestly one of the classier and more pleasant talents I've had the opportunity to work with. That does say a lot, after all the list of name actors I've had the pleasure, and at times displeasure, of working with is rather long.

Dustin is playing the role of Professor Donnely, a faculty member at the local college where much of the film takes place. This is a role he also portrays in College Fright Night, which Little Creeps is a form of prequel to. The Dean of the college is portrayed by Lark Voorhies, who serves as Dustin's boss as well as Robert Z'Dars and briefly Lee Arenberg's who she eventually fires early in the film.

Your readers should get the opportunity to rent Little Creeps right off the shelf nation wide and hopefully will be able to purchase it at the majority of the retailers around the world. We hope for a limited theatrical release on some level. Lyon Productions does offer a distribution service from a four walling stand point for small theatrical release on limited screens so this may be a route we go.

I had first cast Dustin in this film having worked with him previously and being highly impressed with both his work and his work ethic. We later had the opportunity to cast Lark Voorhies as she was on our short list of actresses we felt would be an ideal fit for the character of the Dean in the film. Being a fan of Saved by the Bell myself it was hard to pass up."

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