Monday, March 14, 2011

'Screech and Lisa' Reunite in "Little Creeps"

More and more news articles are confirming that Lark Voorhies and Dustin Diamond are reuniting to work on a independent horror/comedy flick called "Little Creeps"!

No word yet about the roles they will be playing. Among other familiar faces include,
Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean) , Robert Z’Dar (Maniac Cop 1,2,3/Mobsters/Tango & Cash), and Jake the Snake Roberts (wrestling legend).

Here is the hypnosis:

Just because something is a myth doesn’t make it fiction. This is a philosophy that one eccentric college professor (Lee Arenberg) believes when it comes to the Demonicron, a book said to open the gates of Hell. When he somehow locates the book, he decides to conjure its demons to do his bidding. However, when he only manages to say half the words required to summon them, he gets only half size demons. This leads to an often comical romp as the demons show that though they are half size, they are twice the trouble.

I'll keep us posted as we learn more! This is pretty exciting! :)

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  1. i Am So Happy That Dustin Diamond And Lark Voorhies Are Reuniting Again Memories



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