Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lark Sighting!

Rare treat! Lark Voorhies spotted walking her dog on the beach recently! I don't usually like to share paparazzi photos, but I had to make an exception because Lark is so hard to learn about! She has a music album being released soon. Stay tuned as more info becomes available! Also, Lark is reuniting with Dustin to film an indie film called Little Creeps! Click here to read more. Enjoy! We love you, Lark!
For more pictures, click here


  1. It's interesting that when they asked Elizabeth if she keeps in touch with any saved by the bell cast, she didn't mention Lark. I wonder if anyone in the cast still talks to her.

  2. They care about one another, but such as with us normal folks, do you keep in contact with the people in your life from when you were young and in high school? They are busy working and with their own lives, so it is difficult to keep in touch with everyone. But I am sure they enjoy the time together when they do reconnect. :)



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