Monday, October 11, 2010

Diamond Facing Foreclosure, again!

Dustin Diamond's financial woes are stacking up - the former Saved By the Bell star has been hit with his second foreclosure warning this year.

The troubled actor has been served with legal papers from lawyers representing Wells Fargo Bank after allegedly racking up debts amounting to $278,309.

Diamond, best known for playing lovable geek Screech on the teen series, will be forced to move out of his home in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin if he fails to pay off the bill, reports

It's the latest in a series of money worries for Diamond - he had a foreclosure scare in April when he was asked to pay $290,000. And in August last year, he was hit with a tax bill amid accusations he had run up debts of $21,015.

*I guess writing a book of lies is not a good way to make money, huh, Dustin? KARMA. -Erika*

Credit: Toronto Sun

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