Sunday, November 7, 2010

BELL FLASHBACK: Warm up with some Hawaiian Style Fun!

Brr.. It's beginning to feel like winter out there! Warm yourself up with these classy pics of the gang during the shooting of Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, which aired on November 27, 1992!

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  1. I loved the Hawaii eposodes, although I guess it was actually a movie. Kelly seemed hotter than ever, and got so turned on by her deep tan. I had always thought of Kelly as being hornier than the scripts could reasonably hint at, but not so much where she would spread her legs for a guy, just that she was playing with herself a lot, and having all these beautiful slippery orgasms that practically nobody knew about.

    I almost wish could have been an episode with a touched on the subject in an honest but discreet way, but I can certainly understand why the producers opted not to visit that sensitive terriotory.



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