Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mr. Lasky Got Hate Mail for Kissing Kelly

In the ’90s, one man went from hero to zero after locking lips with TV bombshell Tiffani Amber-Thiessen.

That man was actor Patrick Fabian, who played Professor Jeremiah Lasky on Saved By The Bell: The College Years – or Kelly Kapowski’s love interest who WASN’T Zack Morris.

When he first appeared on the sitcom, Fabian says female viewers loved him and would constantly send flirty fanmail saying how cute he was.

But after he kissed Amber-Thiessen onscreen and stole her from Zack Morris, the tide quickly turned.

Fabian says he started getting loads of hate mail scolding him for breaking up the beloved TV couple which was shocking since, in his words, “I was totally unaware of how iconic Zack and Kelly were together.”

Fabian says his only supporters were young guys who, to this day, still give him props on the street for making out with Kelly.

He can be seen this August in Eli Roth’s The Last Exorcism.

Credit: Flash News


  1. That is too funny! I know I didn't like him as a kid. lol thought I was the only one.

  2. I hated him too. lol I was a little young to write hate mail though.

    ...and I hate to say it, but he has aged really well. Not bad on the eyes. ;) I think he's hotter now than he was on TCY. lol

  3. Oh man, I couldn't BELIEVE when I saw Prof. Laskey macking on Kelly! Poor Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder on Little House on the Prairie), who got hate mail for being with Laura haha.

    And Barb, I totallllllly agree. Unf, silver fox ;)

  4. Haha, that's funny.
    I know I felt really sad when I saw that episode for the first time :p

    And I totally agree with Barb. He's a very handsome man.

  5. Heh.
    While I liked the professor, I can't say I liked the relationship. However, this was more because I thought it was squicky and somewhat inappropriate than for it breaking up the sacred Zack/Kelly relationship.
    But then I'd come to prefer Zack/Lisa by the time I first watch The College Years.



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