Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tiffani Puts Another BELL Reunion Rumors to Rest!

Fanbolt recently did a great interview with Tiffani. She chats all things White Collar to what is playing on her iPod! But most importantly to us, she puts rumors of another 'Saved by the Bell' reunion to rest.

Q: Do you have any other new projects besides White Collar coming up? And also, I've got to ask, can you tell us if the rumor of a Saved by the Bell reunion is ever going to happen?

Tiffani : I don't think so on the second question. I don't think so. I think it was really great to do that reunion last year with People magazine and we got to see everyone - I definitely still talk to Mark Paul and Elizabeth and Mario - but to have us all together for People magazine last year was really fun and I think that was a reunion that we felt was enough. We're all doing our own projects and doing other things, so I don't think we're going to see a reunion in what the public is thinking.

Although we'd love to see it happen, hopefully this is closure and puts rumors to rest to all the fans who think there is a reunion movie in the works.


  1. why wasnt dustin diamond invited to the reunion?to me he was the real star off the show,with out him at the reunion is a total insult!

  2. Dustin was invited. He didn't think it was worth the trip.

  3. Dustin has his own idea to "bank" on the reunion. True fans were not insulted without his presence.

  4. I can understand. They all have their own stuff going on now, so they'd be too busy for a reunion. I never really believed the movie thing. No way would Dustin agree to ever work with the others again. Not that it wouldn't have been awesome. At least we got the people mag reunion! :-)

  5. I wish Jimmy Fallon just would've done the reunion with the cast who agreed to do it because it's obvious Dustin and Tiffani don't ever want to which is fine for them.



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