Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Evolution of TV Show Hangouts: The Max

Credit: Judy Berman

TV programming for teenagers has changed a lot over the years, as anyone who has watched both The Brady Bunch and Skins can attest. But there have been a few constants: a central clique, parent-child disputes, and the archetypal teenage hangout. While, originally, these mostly took the form of wholesome diners, they eventually evolved to include nightclubs and music venues… and have recently shown signs of morphing into something even more sinister. Journey with us, if you will, through over 35 years of teen TV hangout spots, from Happy Days to Gossip Girl.

The Max, Saved By the Bell (1989-1993)
Ah, The Max: bright colors, geometric shapes, that tiny booth that somehow fit the entire SBTB gang — and, of course, Max, the place’s magician proprietor. Bayside’s favorite burger joint hosted everything from study dates to musical performances. It also employed Kelly.

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