Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mark-Paul Gosselaar talks 'Rizzoli & Isles,' 'Franklin & Bash,' and his racy guest spot on 'Weeds'

Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the new TNT sitcom Franklin and Bash premiering this fall.

By: Sandra Gonzalez

When I got on the phone with Mark-Paul Gosselaar to talk about his guest spot on Rizzoli & Isles (airing tonight), I never thought I’d end up in a PG-13, blush-inducing conversation with Zack freaking Morris. Call me lucky. But aside from briefly speaking about his tendency to get cast in roles that require him to strip down (for the record, he calls himself “a willing participant”), we covered a lot of ground in our limited time.

Here’s what we learned:
Rizzoli & Isles [Spoilers for tonight's episode]
+ His character had a romantic history with Maura in college. They meet again after his brother dies.
+ His character enjoys swimming, and he’s confronted by Rizzoli and Isles during one of his swims. Win.
+ “They have a great set. Sasha and Angie are just fun girls.”

Franklin & Bash
+ The relationship he shares with co-star Breckin Meyer was modeled ever-so-slightly after buddy comedies like Superbad.
+ “There’s a great energy coming off of it. People are excited. I feel like we knocked the pilot out of the park.”
+ “I don’t want to say it’s like Boston Legal, but it is very quick-witted.”
+ Confirms his scene of comedic nudity in the pilot.
+ “We have a hard time being serious. There’s a real lightness to it.”

Weeds [Tiny spoilers, ahoy!]
+ He will be on for one episode.
+ He “gets it on” with Nancy.
+ It’s so risqué, “I’ll be interested to see what people say.”

Obligatory question about the oil spill episode of Saved by the Bell
+ Yes, he remembered the duck’s name was Becky. He credits an EW writer for his vast knowledge, saying the episode was brought up in conversation last time he was here.

Credit: EW

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