Monday, September 27, 2010

The Belding Brothers Reunite in a NEW Documentary!

Save the Empire Productions describe themselves and this new documentary called "Saved by the Belding" as:

"Four naive young men journey to California in hopes of finding the truth about the infamous Rod Belding of "Saved By The Bell" fame. Starring Ed Blatchford and Dennis Haskins. Directed by The Hamilton Brothers."

The new film is actually a sequel to a documentary they shot in 2009, which was all about Rod Belding and his disappearance. It got some attention on Youtube and led to both Dennis Haskins (Mr.Belding) and Ed Blatchford (Rod Belding) wanting to do a sequel where they actually go out to find "Rod Belding".

Here is the original documentary directed by Matt and Scott Hamilton. Below it is the trailer to the sequel "Saved by the Belding", where both Ed and Dennis make an appearance! Full documentary will be released sometime this fall.

This is actually pretty AMAZING!!! We are happy to share this with all of you. I am sure you want to know and learn more and we'll have an exclusive interview with these dedicated BELL fans coming up very soon! Congratulations Save the Empire Productions!

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