Thursday, September 9, 2010

SBTB:NOW! Blog Exclusive: NEW Confessions of a BELL Fan! Meet Tony!

Today we hear from SBTB:NOW! member Tony. I enjoyed reading his confessions and hope you will, too! Thank you so much for participating Tony!

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1) What is your most fondest memory of the show growing up?

I may be an unusual example in that I came to SBTB fairly late in life. I first started watching the show by accident. My son was born in 1991, and Channel 4 here in the UK were showing SBTB on Sunday mornings. I remember I would sit in bed feeding my son and watching the show. I have fond memories of that. I had previously watched Good Morning Miss Bliss on occasion, and I remember being fascinating at seeing Hayley Mills in an American show, but after SBTB started airing I was hooked and became a regular viewer, watching all the way through the series as it aired. I also picked up some of the College Years, and the New Class, but by then I was extremely busy with two kids, and the scheduling was not convenient. I plan to get the DVDs at some point to remedy that.

2) If you change one element of the show, what would it be?

There's probably nothing I would change. I think SBTB was one of those shows that just hit the sweet spot. Like most fans I would have liked the show to run for longer, and for the College Years to have had greater success. I would also have liked to see Hayley Mills continue with the series somehow.

3) Who is your inner character and why?

Being older, and now having teenage kids myself, I probably most relate to Mr. Belding in the show. I was a college lecturer for 7 years, so I know what it's like to be surrounded by smart kids giving me the run around! I can also relate to that aspect of being older and sometimes wiser, and trying to pass that hard earned knowledge and experience on - but young people know better! It's ironic, but as the cast grows older I can relate to the actors far more. MPG was recently divorced, and like me has two children, and being divorced myself I can certainly relate to what he's going through, and what he will go through in the future with regards that.

4) Have you ever experienced a moment in life that you could relate to SBTB? explain.

I went back to college part-time from 1992-1994 to complete my MSc. I felt old at the time, but I was only 30, which seems young now. :) It was great being a student again, and meeting other "mature" students like myself. We used to hang out in our building's small refectory, which conjured up images of being in The Max.

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  1. Greeeaaat! Woot!

    By the way the SBTB DVDs on Amazon are Region 1/NTSC only!! :(

    I love this site!!.



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