Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SBTB:NOW! Confessions of a BELL Fan: Meet Alison!

We have our first "Confessions of SBTB Fan" post! Meet Alison. Alison has a blog dedicated to BELL, Buddy Bands, where she discusses how SBTB and other tv shows from 90's have been relevant in her real life experiences. It's a fun read and I recommend you check it out!

She writes this about herself:
"I've been a fan since middle school and just never seemed to outgrow it. It never gets old! I love to randomly say lines from the show in my everyday life but this usually warrants strange looks and whispers. Once in a while though, there is that one person in the room who actually gets it. I live for those moments!"

Here are her SBTB confessions:
1. What is your most fondest memory of the show growing up? My fondest memory is probably watching the show everyday after school. My mom always says she got so sick of hearing the canned laughter while she was making dinner. Also, I remember very vividly trying to learn the Hot Sundae dance to "Put your Mind to it". It's still a fun trick to pull out at parties!

2. If you change one element of the show, what would it be? I always thought it was unfair that Lisa never got much of a real love life (not counting Screech and the brief, one episode flings with Zack, Brian, and the freshman). I would have like to see Lisa with a serious BF. I also still really resent Kelly for cheating on Zack.

3. Who is your inner character and why? Definitely Stacy Carosi because she has a hard outer shell, but is really just a big softy on the inside. Plus, she is the heir to the Malibu Sands fortune.

4. Have you ever experienced a moment in life that you could relate to SBTB? explain. Of course! So many that I started a blog to document such times! Probably the most memorable would be when my friend delivered her baby at home on the bathroom floor - much like Mrs. B. delivering in the elevator! My friend's husband's name is even Zack! (see post:

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