Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today's confessions come from one of our biggest fans, Renee! Renee has been a dedicated follower of SBTB:NOW! almost from the very beginning. She is a big fan of the show since 1994 and the biggest Tiffani-Amber Thiessen fan you'll ever meet! She's our Buddy Bands designer, too! It's always good to hear from her because she's an overall sweetheart. Enjoy her confessions!
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1) What is your most fondest memory of the show growing up?

I have 2 memories. A) waiting a week or two to see the wedding in Las Vegas movie. I saw a commercial for it and I flipped out! I seriously could not wait to see it. the night it was on I remember that friday we went on a field trip to this local park. and I remember thinking my god when will this day be over so I can watch the wedding movie! lol
B) my mom willing to buy me a million teen magazines about sbtb and the upcoming wedding movie. for a while she had tried to find stuff I wanted/enjoyed to read because I had trouble with reading. and I was supposed to practice with books and things. but she couldn't get me to do it because I was picky and wasn't interested in reading anything. until I heard about the sbtb wedding movie. I can honestly say that my reading level went up that year from reading all my magazines and sbtb books.

2) If you change one element of the show, what would it be?

I would change Kelly and Jessie not being in all of the last season episodes. those episodes are not the same without them in it. adding Tori was interesting but it would have worked better if she was a new added friend instead of a replacement for the other 2 beloved characters. I know it was the actors who wanted out so I know it couldn't happen. but I still wish we had had more senior year episodes with Kelly and Jessie.

3) Who is your inner character and why?

My inner character I would say would be Kelly. I'm honestly not really totally like any of the characters. but I idolized her. she was good at everything, sweet, and popular. she was the person everybody loved. and that was kind of what I wanted to be like as a kid. and I was always one of the "nice kids" that was nice to everyone and wanted everyone to like me. so I guess I was like her a bit in that way.

4) Have you ever experienced a moment in life that you could relate to SBTB? explain.

Probably many actually. but the one that comes to mind was when I was in high school. my math teacher just up and left for some reason. so we had subs coming in and out to teach the class. and one time we had this guy come in who was literally insane. he reminded me of all the nutty teachers they had on sbtb. I was like I'm living in a sbtb episode! lol later I learned my sister in middle school had him too. he was making the rounds in the district and was then taken out because of all the parents complaints. He was clearly mentally unstable. but it was pretty funny!


  1. I laughed about the teen magazine part. I babysat everyweekend and spent all my money on any mag that had to do with SBTB.

  2. Great how your reading improved by reading SBTB magazines! :D



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